Steve Iliffe & Jemw Munro, Editors

Healthy Choices
Future Options for the NHS

Lawerence & Wishart, London 1997 ISBN: 0 85315 851 7


1. Health Care and the Limits of the Market
Steve Iliffe & James Munro
2. The “New Mandarins” and the Monetarisation of the NHS”
Geof Rayner
3. Has trhe internal market been a success? Contradictions in competition
James Munro
4. Towards a Primary Care-Led NHS?
Steve Iliffe
5. Public Health, Health Promotion and Broader Health Strategy
Alison McCallum
6. Democracy, Accountability and Consumerism
David J Hunter & Stephen Harrison
7. Rationing in the “reformed” NHS
Allyson Pollock
8. Community Care: Past, Present and Future
Alan Walker
9. Future options for the NHS
James Munro & Steve Iliffe