XVIII Conference of the International Association of  Health Policy in Europe, 21-24 September 2017, Thessaloniki-Greece

European health policies in the era of capitalist crisis and restructuring

The International Association of Health Policy in Europe in collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Queen Mary University of London are inviting you to the XVIII IAHPE Conference that will be held in Thessaloniki on the 21st until the 24th September 2017.

IAHPE following its 40 years tradition will focus on the contemporary developments in European health policies within the context of capitalist crisis and capitalist economicrestructuring. The conference will be covering the following themes:

  • International trade agreements and their impact on Europe’s health
  • Privatization and marketization of healthcare services in Europe
  • Eurozone crisis and its impact on health and health policy reform
  • Refugee crisis and its health and social implications
  • Academic freedom under threat in Europe
  • Social movements and health in Europe

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In advance to the conference IAHPE is organizing the following workshops:

14 – 15 January 2017

Turkish Medical Association


International trade and health in Europe

see all interventions here

2 – 3 June 2017

Queen Mary, University London


Refugee crisis and health in Europe

Details regarding the venue and programme of the conference will be released on IAHP’s website: https://iahponline.wordpress.com.

Queries regarding the programme and abstract submission can be send to: IAHPEconference2017@gmail.com.