The International Association of Public Health in Europe is expressing its anger over the oppression expressed against the Turkish Medical Association and the arrest of its leadership accused to be terrorists because they just fulfilled their duties.

The International Association of Public Health in Europe, as an association of scientists committed to public health, is considering as a main and fundamental duty of any health professional to raise public awareness regarding  the damages that are threatening public health during an war expedition. The negative impacts of the war to the populations’ health are, unfortunately, very well documented and no questionable. Peace is considered by the World Health Organisation as a fundamental prerequisite for health protection and promotion.

We are therefore strongly condemning the unprecedented repression of the turkish authorities against the obvious right and duty of the Turkish Medical Association to protect the health of the turkish people.

We call on the Turkish authorities to release immediately the detained physicians, to stop any legal prosecution against them and to call off the intimidation and threatening campaign  against them.